Author: Dario

The Endless Summer

I’m not a good surfer. In my defence, albeit I’ve surfed sporadically every time I was on holiday in a warm country since 7 years ago, it’s only this summer that the surfing bug got into me. This July. Something clicked. I was out bringing my son to the ocean – he’s fifteen now, and […]

Sympathy for the Devil?, by Ryan Clark

A Belated Critique of “Lucifer,” the Show That Won’t Die  Lucifer is not for everyone.  It’s fraught with clichés, lacks the panache of more refined cop dramas, and is dreadfully – or delightfully – “judgy” towards the more sanctimonious viewers.  It’s also old news at this point, having just been rescued by Netflix for a […]

Four poems, by Lee Ellis

All The Way Up, To Lexington Avenue We were walking close enough to hold hands, but you’ve never been the kind of man to make the first move. I just wanted to, reach out to you, but I’ve always been coy when it came to things like this. So, I kept my hands in my […]

Submissions suck.

Yeah, you read that right. Submissions suck. Wait, aren’t you a literary magazine of sorts? Yes. Yes we are, and we’re also writers. So wait, how the hell are you going to publish anything if people can’t submit? The world is full of talented people. We’ve tried the old ways – basically sitting on a […]

Spoken Word Event Review: Where Love Meets The Waves (Ireland)

Kevin Bateman hosts live poetry performances from places of natural beauty or spiritual significance, primarily in Ireland. An event takes place Feb 17 at the Phoenix Park (County Dublin, Ireland) – more details on that can be found at Last summer he led a troupe of his fellow poets and writers to the Cliffs […]

Let’s reverse the roles, by Delaney Daly

let’s reverse the roles this time, i’ll be the heartbroken edges of a love triangle. i’ll wear a tattooed smile & lime green liver bruises from too many seven dollar bottles of year-aged merlot. i’ll be emotionally stable, respectful of your time & space, & when i ask if i can bother you on your […]

Four Poems, by Larry O. Dean

Chopped: Algebra Edition What I’ve made for you today is a real reunion of broken parts, a deconstruction, if you will, in the style of Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi’s “Rules of Reintegration and Reduction,” whereby thickening and intensifying the flavor of certain quadratic equations is achieved by boiling rapidly                               vectors, matrices, […]

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