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Stones, by Kathryn Toolan

  a line of red makes its slow journey to the bottom of my chin it tickles but in the bad way it began in a freshly dug hole not of my own making that had a basin in my scalp i was wired drunk and young and this wasn’t the first time there are […]

A Thursday night’s reflection.

One could spend hours debating all the various reasons some people behave like they do. One is born from a half-psychopath with delusions of grandeur and becomes the dictator of a small state that no one really cared about, until that same guy blows a missile up in the air, so high that yeah, maybe there’s a […]

Typewriting Monkeys, by Joe Balaz

English is definitely not dere first language. Da theory goes dat if you give wun infinite number of primates wun infinite number of typewriters eventually da buggahs going produce da works of Shakespeare. Researchers at wun university in England wen put dat notion to da test. In wun project intended more as performance art den […]

Call for Submissions!

Summer’s here. While a lot of people will read books during their vacation time, we will be busy preparing our Beautiful Losers #2 – out very, very soon. In the meantime, if you’re one of us – if literature is in your veins, and it’s all you can think about, even while your partner is pushing […]

She must be crazy, by Ava Collopy

I can’t believe my girlfriend Tania won’t make breakfast. And what do you know, there’s nothing in the fridge. She doesn’t have a job and I do but somehow she can’t go shopping. There’s nothing in the kitchen but corn flakes, eggs, potatoes, Tillamook extra-sharp cheddar cheese, tropical crab salad, and cat food. And the […]

Empty Rooms, by Les Bohem

As all partings foreshadow the great final one, so empty rooms, bereft of a familiar presence, mournfully whisper what your room and what mine must one day be. – Charles Dickens, Bleak House. In the center of Verona is a Roman amphitheater. Operas are performed there on summer nights. I took a bus from the […]

The Red Lemon, by Elizabeth Cunningham

You’re finally awake. Black mold adorns the edges of your worn shoes. Hardened intestines litter the damp cement floor. There’s a pale hand next to you, with its fingers still curled around a light yellow eyeball. Your mind is still wondering if this is a nightmare. Soon, a realization sets in and you look down. […]

Ally, by Zeke Jarvis

         Dirk had prepared carefully for the protest. He positioned himself near the entrance to Adult Arcade’s parking lot, away from the door, because the space near the doorway was already taken up by the anti-porn protesters. Dirk didn’t want to be mistaken for one of those judgemental, close-minded people. When he […]

Looking For A Ride Nowhere, by Scott Wozniak

She had the devil in her eyes and smelled like Orchids. She was the perfect combination of crazy and jaded that tugs on the strings of my sickness. To every question she asked I gave the wrong answer. For once I was happy not to taste the flames a woman like her could offer.   […]

Cat on Main Street, by Ashley Sgro

Coarse fur from heavy tires. Missing head. Flesh pressed into loose asphalt. An oval of blood dried across your stomach. But your one arm reaches up to flag its white paw. Open and empty, it’s signaling me to stop traffic, to barge onto the roadway, to save. You are waiting for me to tent myself […]

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