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Southpaw, by Erric Emerson

I wake up from limbo and notice two of my fingers are broken, the pinky and ring. My left hand looks like a puffer fish without the spines. The knuckle is hiding in there somewhere and I’ve got the usual scrapes from hurling and falling. Jerking off with my weak hand is like doing it […]

Wonder Wednesday: Dylan Thomas.

Some Wednesdays, we just like to spin some classics. Today, the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas deserves the spotlight with the gut-wrenching, delicate, powerful and amazing “Do not go gentle into that good night”. — Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the […]

Rapture of the Deep, by Dustin Pickering

His last gesture was to extend his arms out, a Christ hopeless to the wreck and fall of his body. He wished to show his last sign of hope, the deepening thrust of the waters took him undertow. Some of us wait patiently for death. The sea will thicken your destined light and your eyes […]

Third cousin, once removed – Patrick Bower

I don’t even remember his name, just the tough way he shifted gears, how his braces made him look wise. I was only in town for two nights, but he wanted to show me all the spots, take me cruising with the boys: Once we hit the town square, that’s where the girls are and […]

Barney, by David E.J. Berger

(every Tuesday, we’ll be republishing here on our website a piece of literature which we previously published on our Medium Channel, and that our readers loved. This week is a great short fiction piece by David EJ Berger – bio at the end.)   Hold on to your whiskers, folks, because today is the day. That’s […]

Drinking Hour, by Rin Baatz

Rosy, so rosy now. You tip the liquid fire down your throat and take the wheel. Nobody else is out. It’s dark for this time of day. It’ll be fine. It’s late. You’re running late. The wheel hurts your warm hands. Shaking, shivering, you take control. So far so good. You don’t notice how you […]

Untitled, by William C. Blome

  I safety-pinned my dome cap to the big de Kooning on the wall when no one around was looking, and you can’t tell me that blown-up woman isn’t instantly more modest, kind of the opposite of what happened to General Grant when the bluffs at Vicksburg quit being so steep. So I’ve known you […]

Changing of the guard (by Paul Beckman)

(this piece was previously published on our Medium channel, and is reposted here due to popular demand as part of our goal to promote great writing) — Lawrence “Lucky Larry” Lombardi 62, left to be with our Lord on May 8th, loving husband of Mary Lombardi for forty years passed suddenly while hooking up a […]

Our first issue is out.

When we set out to create Beautiful Losers, we didn’t know exactly what was happening – as with many great things, the beginning was humble. One year from our first piece published on our Medium channel, we look back, and we love what we see. We have two incredible issues of our magazines, Issue Zero and […]

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