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A Murder At The Dream Diner, by Zubair Simonson

I can only remember in fragments. I was driving, or maybe I was drifting, on a stretch of lonely highway that sliced through barren flat terrain. My hands were tightly gripping the steering wheel at the ten and two o’clock positions. The horizon ahead of me seemed as distant as the stars themselves. The firmament…
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In Real Life, by Julia Rubin

Silverfoxinabox 54, Boston I totally understand that I am not what you’re looking for but I just had to say you are gorgeous.  I understand you are out of my league. Sent Sept. 27  Silverfoxinabox 54, Boston I see that you looked at my profile. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I just…
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Julian Accidentally Goes on a Date with a Really Old Man, by Ashley Carranza

When Julian had a good twenty-one days of sobriety under her belt and was becoming more engulfed in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, she decided to take the advice she’d been hearing. She wanted to make friends, learn from her fellows, look for the similarities instead of the differences, and above all, she wanted to…
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My Life in the New Old World, by Elizabeth Cunningham [World Class Adventurer #4]

Fireworks light up the night sky as The Middle Kingdom prepares for Chinese New Year. Shanghai — an Asian megacity consisting of more than 25 million people — is more than half empty.  The only ones who stay behind are the locals and foreigners. 2018 is the Year of the Dog. Small shop owners change…
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Of Turbulent Seas, by Scott Moses

John’s fingers brush over the chip in the porcelain sink. Something left behind by the previous owners, and something that after all these years, he’s yet to address. There’s still time, he thinks, or perhaps mutters, and that’s the end of it, because, well– today is a perfect day for John Colbert. He’s taking inventory…
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Two Poems, by Ali Whitelock

ode to an ovary your belly protruded me invaded i could not breathe you could have held it in you chose not to it’s natural you think to have it stick out like demi moore on the front cover of that magazine you give a photographer too much money to shoot you and your bump…
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Dealing with Barriers for Writers of Color, by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #8]

“Gangsta (2002), they told me there’s no market for this. Black Lotus (2005), they told me YOUR readers aren’t ready to digest this. The Gabriel & DeMona stories, they told me a kid from the projects can’t write urban fantasy. Not one time did I listen, K’wan whatever he wants”-K’wan, best selling and award-winning author.…
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The Generation Gap in Hip-Hop, by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #7]

Ah, good ole’ hip-hop, the genre that forever changed my life and is exactly what I eat and breathe each and every day. One thing that I love is the constant evolution and competition that hip-hop brings, but it also highlights the never-ending generational gap. Whenever I listen to emcee’s from the 80’s or 90’s…
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2017 in Review, by Elizabeth Cunningham [World Class Adventurer #3]

January I spent New Year’s in Tokyo and fell completely in love with the city. After my Tokyo trip, I took a brief holiday to Taiwan where I stayed for a couple weeks before returning to the mainland. February I decided to spend the Chinese New Year in Shanghai where I met some awesome foreigners…
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Sensory Deprivation, by Julie Hart

You walk 25 blocks in the slashing sleet. You peel off your soggy down coat and roll it up, stuff it in a little locker, along with your wallet and glasses. You sign a waiver. You will, in fact, allow them to take webcam video and post stills from it on Tumblr. You think: why…
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