Author: Alfonso Colasuonno
Fiction about diners

Sunday Brunch at the Olympic Diner, by Paul Beckman

Sunday’s line for breakfast at the Olympic Diner was a block and a half long instead of the usual block. We got a booth and that made my wife and kids happy.  The kids talked about the chocolate chunk pancakes, Elaine sang, “French toast, French toast, French toast” over and over again and I acted […]

Short fiction by Tim Hanson

When You Were Young, by Tim Hanson

            Night came as it always did, with the stench of bad breath and cheap cologne.             Sometimes, they’d delicately whisper her name, giving each syllable a reverent power; more often, their desires grew violent, and they’d leave bruises around her throat. No matter their […]

Poem by Alfonso Colasuonno

Like A Library in the Suburbs, by Alfonso Colasuonno

She said, You’re like a library in the suburbs You’re a fortress of solitude in some Arctic hideout You’ll never crack There’s nothing underneath Nothing trapped below your layer of ice And a neck craned And some eyes locked And someone knew someone was right And everyone looked away Silence is a lingua franca but […]

Short story with a dark edge by Sal DiFalco

Poisoning Felix, by Salvatore DiFalco

Someone had poisoned Felix Garibaldi’s toothpaste! The toothbrush fell from his hand as this horrible possibility dawned on him. He held his head under the tap and rinsed his throbbing tongue and gums. Compounding the pain and concern, some of the poisonous toothpaste had spattered into his right eye which, in reaction, had swollen shut. […]

Sore point, by Dasha Zagurskaya

She moved to the big city for college with no expectations, which turned out to be a good thing, for in the end of the day she didn’t have to let go of them in addition to exorbitant sums of money spent on menthol cigarettes. New York geared an inscrutable mechanism inside her. Her sleep […]

Lynched, by Kelly Grieve

How do you like it hands all over you strung up by the hamstrings feeling the pull of the metal hook on your muscle once originated now inserted You began as a deuterostome a mouth ass wrenching your head to stretch the scalenes so close to snapping and bend too far challenging the body to […]

Mr. Sip Temptation, by W.A Coleman

Look at You. You sly you. You naughty you.Go ahead. Do it. Make it easier than easy on me. Bring it right to my mouth. Set it on my lip. Tempt me Tempt my cottonmouth. With all my favorites. With all your favorites. Jus like ya used ta do. You know. Back before. I knew.Give […]

White City, by Alfonso Colasuonno

At 13, he was a Klansman though born of the union of a Puerto Rican and a half Jew but he looked passable enough and it didn’t even matter that he was a queer because he could speak lies and anything else is just hearsay, anyway.   He was raised in a white city and […]

An obituary poem by Alfonso Colasuonno

Darren, by Alfonso Colasuonno

by Alfonso Colasuonno Darren was a dreamer. Darren believed in impossible goals. Darren inspired. Darren was a failure. Darren believed he could change the world. Darren didn’t change the world. Darren was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, worked as a stockbroker, chased a dream, had his legs broken after his shift, was a compulsive […]

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