Author: Alfonso Colasuonno

Little Daydream, by Zoe Frances Mulford

Holy moly call me ‘cause all I wanna do is lay under rays with you, yeah, maybe start my 401 k with you, overheat in saunas, overhear gossip, outlive your pet fish with you. My dear, someday we’ll pretend to be vegetarians for a week in hopes of feeling particularly chic. And midweek, when we […]

Melancholy, by Maddy Hoffman

I bring my fingers to my face and stroke my stubbly chin. I do this to ensure that Magnolia’s words have not stripped me of my skin the way they have my conscience. She’s stopped crying beside me, I think. It happened slowly – her weeps trickled down to sniffles, and then to silence. I […]

Syria and the Middle East refugees in poetry

The Number Five, by Delaney Daly

Chalkida is broken in the fall & its vivid cliff side colors can’t save me anymore home base is 50 minutes south, but home is 5,000 miles west a 5-year-old girl loves my grey eyes her Arabic words fill them with blue from the Black Sea she only swam here he doesn’t call anymore she’s […]

Slick, by Erric Emerson

At work, post-lovemake. We enter separately, fooling our co-workers; covert spies in shades reading headlines at awning-veiled café stools. We offer ridiculous good afternoon’s to each other on bathroom breaks. When she came in my mouth, it tasted like a three-years-held thank you, that sweet.   Erric Emerson is the former Poetry Editor of Duende literary journal. […]

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