Excuse Me by Frank E. Mundo

My poor aunt dies a lot. And I get explosive diarrhea way more often than other people seem to. I have small kitchen fires that cause “serious” smoke damage but no actual damage to my kitchen occurs, and no one ever gets hurt, thank god, except my poor aunt. I have terrible allergies. My face/tongue/neck […]

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The Endless Summer

I’m not a good surfer. In my defence, albeit I’ve surfed sporadically every time I was on holiday in a warm country since 7 years ago, it’s only this summer that the surfing bug got into me. This July. Something clicked. I was out bringing my son to the ocean – he’s fifteen now, and […]

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Sympathy for the Devil?, by Ryan Clark

A Belated Critique of “Lucifer,” the Show That Won’t Die  Lucifer is not for everyone.  It’s fraught with clichés, lacks the panache of more refined cop dramas, and is dreadfully – or delightfully – “judgy” towards the more sanctimonious viewers.  It’s also old news at this point, having just been rescued by Netflix for a […]

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Short fiction by Tim Hanson

When You Were Young, by Tim Hanson

            Night came as it always did, with the stench of bad breath and cheap cologne.             Sometimes, they’d delicately whisper her name, giving each syllable a reverent power; more often, their desires grew violent, and they’d leave bruises around her throat. No matter their […]

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Short story with a dark edge by Sal DiFalco

Poisoning Felix, by Salvatore DiFalco

Someone had poisoned Felix Garibaldi’s toothpaste! The toothbrush fell from his hand as this horrible possibility dawned on him. He held his head under the tap and rinsed his throbbing tongue and gums. Compounding the pain and concern, some of the poisonous toothpaste had spattered into his right eye which, in reaction, had swollen shut. […]

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Sore point, by Dasha Zagurskaya

She moved to the big city for college with no expectations, which turned out to be a good thing, for in the end of the day she didn’t have to let go of them in addition to exorbitant sums of money spent on menthol cigarettes. New York geared an inscrutable mechanism inside her. Her sleep […]

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