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Salem Witch Trials Increase and Cotton Mather

Mercy Riot, by Kelly Grieve [Catechize #8]

In the late 1600’s, a young girl, not older than 12, lived at home with her family in Maine. They were suddenly attacked one day by the Wabanaki Indians and most were slaughtered with the exceptions of the young girl and a sibling, whom she was parted from. The girl was then taken into the…
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Big Fish in a Little Pond, by Kelly Grieve [Catechize #7]

One of the most important reasons I moved to Savannah was because it had its own art scene. Culture already existed here. In my hometown, culture was strictly limited to one community theater, one sluggish gallery and one quiet and high priced art supply store. Where I’m from, a coffee shop can’t even keep itself…
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Debbie-downer by Kelly Grieve [Catechize #6]

Over the past two weeks, the universe has delivered to me some of the most painful yet edifying experiences. As I do every week for this piece, I observe the world around me, searching for the subtle forms of manipulation and brainwashing. I try to smoke out the pestilent fumes of this lurking in the…
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When you’re expecting by Kelly Grieve [Catechize #5]

I try to distribute the weight across the mattress because my side of the bed has formed a dent. It could be because the bed is cheap and shitty but it could also be because I’ve been suffering from an anxious depression for the past three years and have literally made an impression of the…
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Contra Flow by Kelly Grieve [Catechize #4]

This week in particular has been full of what I would call predators. If not outright attackers then peripheral vultures and scavengers. It all starts with the induction of fear. Fear is something I know well. Fear and I are tight. Ever since the beginning of my institutionalized learning, aka public schooling, fear and I…
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Supertaster by Kelly Grieve [Catechize #3]

Romance, it wakes you at twilight after circles across the floors of your ancestors with a dashing soul. After a decade without a breath on your shoulder, how could one ever give up such a feeling? The precious cargo of one’s lineage on the line is enough to eliminate the once absolute necessity of seduction.…
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Acceptable by Kelly Grieve [Catechize #2]

Acceptance. I often analyze words among many other things and I when I find myself at odds with a word, I seek its most literal reference. So, to get to the root of it, I pulled up the definition. Firstly: “The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered (such as a bribe).”  Secondly:…
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Working-class western Pennsylvania

Stick-shift by Kelly Grieve [Catechize #1]

Editor’s Note: We at Beautiful Losers Magazine are proud to introduce our newest staff member, columnist Kelly Grieve. Kelly will be writing a column for us entitled Catechize. Enjoy! # What exactly does the next generation stand to inherit when the previous ones all advocate toil? Wage slavery is real, it is now and it…
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