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Dealing with Barriers for Writers of Color, by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #8]

“Gangsta (2002), they told me there’s no market for this. Black Lotus (2005), they told me YOUR readers aren’t ready to digest this. The Gabriel & DeMona stories, they told me a kid from the projects can’t write urban fantasy. Not one time did I listen, K’wan whatever he wants”-K’wan, best selling and award-winning author.…
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The Generation Gap in Hip-Hop, by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #7]

Ah, good ole’ hip-hop, the genre that forever changed my life and is exactly what I eat and breathe each and every day. One thing that I love is the constant evolution and competition that hip-hop brings, but it also highlights the never-ending generational gap. Whenever I listen to emcee’s from the 80’s or 90’s…
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Poetic Thoughts of a Rebel, by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #6]

After a brief hiatus I am back with another edition of Poetic Thoughts. I want to give you all a little insight into the making of my latest project “Poetic Thoughts of a Rebel” and what it’s about. You see I’m an author and poet along with being a contributor for Beautiful Losers Magazine. I’m…
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Should Poetry Slam Competitions Be Televised? by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #5]

Poetry slams are powerful events to attend and be a part of if you’re into hearing people wax poetic in an aggressive fashion. You might even witness the next Kai Davis or Malcolm London in the making right in front of you without even realizing it. Imagine if everyone around the world could witness live…
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How Can We Stop the Appropriation of Black Fashion Designers by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #4]

I’m no fashion designer or expert, but, like most people, I am a consumer. I’m a huge fan of street wear and hip-hop fashion, everything from jewelr to, hoodies to jerseys, etc.  I’m interested and excited to see what the future of fashion will be, especially with all of the talent from the underground such…
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Street lit Shawn Hudson

Urban Fiction Should Be In High Schools And Colleges By Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #3]

Urban fiction is a genre of African-American literature that depicts the trials and tribulations that people of color, particularly Black folks that live in the inner city, have to wrestle with on a regular basis. This genre also goes by the name of “street lit” or “hood books”; the author is usually someone who has…
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The Case for Legalizing Marijuana in NYC by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #2]

Legalization of recreational and medical marijuana across the United States has been becoming a huge and well-timed trend, taking place over the last decade in states such as Colorado, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Maine, and a few others. There are benefits to legalizing Mary Jane and it becoming available to marijuana consumers. One benefit would be…
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Young M.A LGBT rapper

Young M.A vs. Homophobia in Hip-Hop by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #1]

Since its inception, hip-hop mirrored society in both negative and positive ways. For a significant amount of time, homophobia was embedded in the DNA of hip-hop. Rap artists engaged in homophobic slurs and threats towards the LGBTQ community. With the rise of a few newcomers in the rap game, there’s a new hope that homophobia…
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