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The Endless Summer

I’m not a good surfer. In my defence, albeit I’ve surfed sporadically every time I was on holiday in a warm country since 7 years ago, it’s only this summer that the surfing bug got into me. This July. Something clicked. I was out bringing my son to the ocean – he’s fifteen now, and […]

Submissions suck.

Yeah, you read that right. Submissions suck. Wait, aren’t you a literary magazine of sorts? Yes. Yes we are, and we’re also writers. So wait, how the hell are you going to publish anything if people can’t submit? The world is full of talented people. We’ve tried the old ways – basically sitting on a […]

The times, they are a-changing

Sometimes it’s just for fun. Sometimes it’s out of necessity. Sometimes it’s carefully planned. One thing is for certain – the only thing that doesn’t change, is that everything changes. It’s been a while since we started to promote the best literature we could find – be it in prose, poetry, music even. There’s a […]

A Thursday night’s reflection.

One could spend hours debating all the various reasons some people behave like they do. One is born from a half-psychopath with delusions of grandeur and becomes the dictator of a small state that no one really cared about, until that same guy blows a missile up in the air, so high that yeah, maybe there’s a […]

Call for Submissions!

Summer’s here. While a lot of people will read books during their vacation time, we will be busy preparing our Beautiful Losers #2 – out very, very soon. In the meantime, if you’re one of us – if literature is in your veins, and it’s all you can think about, even while your partner is pushing […]

Our first issue is out.

When we set out to create Beautiful Losers, we didn’t know exactly what was happening – as with many great things, the beginning was humble. One year from our first piece published on our Medium channel, we look back, and we love what we see. We have two incredible issues of our magazines, Issue Zero and […]

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