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Daylight Savings, by Chad Senesac

“Pigs-in-a-blanket. Don’t taste the same.” The man across from Jack smiled. Abiding the years, a refreshing familiarity came as comforting as a deep sip of warm whiskey which would be nowhere in sight: the living room was full of Baptists and strangers at that. “I doubt Miss Cynthia made them,” said Jack. “Probably not.” For…
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Podcast article on diversity, including The Once and Future Nerd

When I Lost My Sight I Found Diversity in Podcasts, by Robert Kingett

“The ambulance will arrive in five minutes. Okay, hon?” As the dispatcher finished the sentence, my world faded into darkness then returned. I knew full well that the ambulance wouldn’t get here in five minutes, but what I didn’t know was that I would lose what little vision I had, forever, on my birthday in 2017. I stayed with…
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Everybody's preface, a poem by Blake Francis

Everybody’s preface, by Blake Francis

I will not get on my hands and knees to please you and I will not put my hands on your knees to please you.   Blake Francis is an aspiring poet and singer-songwriter from Arizona. About two years ago Blake graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Biochemistry and is currently…
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Fish Out of Water, by Michael Giorgio

I never thought the next time I’d be at the lake with Dad that he would be dead for two weeks at the time. Was my father angry with me for canceling out on him a couple of times after promising to go fishing with him? Is that why the summons from Mr. Dowling, the…
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Nutty Bars on a Porch Swing, by Gail Allan

Anneliese’s muscles ache with the pain of being unable to perform the simple task of putting her car in reverse. She has been trying to leave her house and go to the grocery for the last two hours. Yet even with her nose plug, eye blinders, and ear buds, she has still managed to have…
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West Hollywood Bath House, by Tim Robbins

He wears the shamelessness of the place like the grace of a sinner just come from confession, as though the twink in the little room behind the bullet-proof glass, on whom everything is too tight, even his skin, said to his back as he disappeared into the light, “Go in peace, and my grace go…
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A Murder At The Dream Diner, by Zubair Simonson

I can only remember in fragments. I was driving, or maybe I was drifting, on a stretch of lonely highway that sliced through barren flat terrain. My hands were tightly gripping the steering wheel at the ten and two o’clock positions. The horizon ahead of me seemed as distant as the stars themselves. The firmament…
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In Real Life, by Julia Rubin

Silverfoxinabox 54, Boston I totally understand that I am not what you’re looking for but I just had to say you are gorgeous.  I understand you are out of my league. Sent Sept. 27  Silverfoxinabox 54, Boston I see that you looked at my profile. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I just…
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Julian Accidentally Goes on a Date with a Really Old Man, by Ashley Carranza

When Julian had a good twenty-one days of sobriety under her belt and was becoming more engulfed in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, she decided to take the advice she’d been hearing. She wanted to make friends, learn from her fellows, look for the similarities instead of the differences, and above all, she wanted to…
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My Life in the New Old World, by Elizabeth Cunningham [World Class Adventurer #4]

Fireworks light up the night sky as The Middle Kingdom prepares for Chinese New Year. Shanghai — an Asian megacity consisting of more than 25 million people — is more than half empty.  The only ones who stay behind are the locals and foreigners. 2018 is the Year of the Dog. Small shop owners change…
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