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Small Spring on the Property, by Martina Reisz Newberry

My friend, Hazel, sat on a yellow plastic chair outside her trailer in Bentonia, Mississippi on an acre of land owned by a great-uncle who let her fix up the old trailer and live in it for free so she could live protected, hidden from her ex who threatened to kill her if he ever…
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Little Daydream, by Zoe Frances Mulford

Holy moly call me ‘cause all I wanna do is lay under rays with you, yeah, maybe start my 401 k with you, overheat in saunas, overhear gossip, outlive your pet fish with you. My dear, someday we’ll pretend to be vegetarians for a week in hopes of feeling particularly chic. And midweek, when we…
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Love Poem Composed Under The Influence Of Kristen Stewart & Olivier Assayas’s Personal Shopper, by Tom Snarsky

I wanted to kiss the guy on the train Without asking, but night hadn’t yet Fallen & also that’s fucked up, not Asking, so instead I set myself an Ultimatum:  I will kiss every death On both eyelids before going shopping For flowers                   I will strip away…
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Syria and the Middle East refugees in poetry

The Number Five, by Delaney Daly

Chalkida is broken in the fall & its vivid cliff side colors can’t save me anymore home base is 50 minutes south, but home is 5,000 miles west a 5-year-old girl loves my grey eyes her Arabic words fill them with blue from the Black Sea she only swam here he doesn’t call anymore she’s…
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Slick, by Erric Emerson

At work, post-lovemake. We enter separately, fooling our co-workers; covert spies in shades reading headlines at awning-veiled café stools. We offer ridiculous good afternoon’s to each other on bathroom breaks. When she came in my mouth, it tasted like a three-years-held thank you, that sweet.   Erric Emerson is the former Poetry Editor of Duende literary journal.…
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Two Poems, by Zoe Mitchell

Lines From A Single Dad   My city fell and I must let it lie – each building now rubble and its name, ash. Some swarthy intruder ripped down the walls that rose around me and my wife told me cold my future was elsewhere, without her. I packed what would fit within a heart’s…
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Brandy McKenzie's poem "The Librarian"

The librarian by Brandy McKenzie

God, these libraries of stories and expectations: there’s a reason they’re dusty.  God, the librarian        suggesting a volume or two   like some pinup fetish tease I’ll give you a hint, then silence All of our hungers reduced to this: a taste  a polished finger raised and tracing the promise of full lips   What more could…
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Poem about cancer and chemothrapy

Sickness, by M. Sakran

There’s a sickness, when someone attaches, a chemotherapy pump, to a hole in your chest, while smiling. # M. Sakran is the author of a collection of poetry entitled First Try, a self-published eBook of poems with explanations called Understanding: poems with explanations, and has also written a number of items for magazines and websites.  M. Sakran’s poetry related…
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Two, by Tiffany Nakawatase

There was two of him inside of one. The man he was inside my bedroom And the man he was outside my bedroom. And I swear, each of them were different men. # Shedding the old to find the new. Tiffany’s writing is a mix of love, despair, loss and growth.

The N Word Poem, by Shawn Hudson

Introduction by the author: I’m Shawn Hudson, a young Black man in America that writes poetry and stories that are a reflection of the life and times. When writing The N Word Poem I wanted to express how I feel that we as African-Americans need to focus on the big picture and not get caught…
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