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Short fiction

All of Saint Peter’s Associates, by Jihoon Park

Saint Peter sat at his desk, doing figures. Stacks of papers were strewn across his desk as he typed away on a small desktop computer. The only other object on his desk was a small, incandescent and insufficient lamp. At first he was against the idea of going digital. He had used ink on honest-to-god…
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King Acid, by Patrick King

And then there was King Acid. He was like Johnny in The Wild One. What was he rebelling against? “Whadda ya got?” King Acid a whirligig of energy, of sadness, of liberation. I met him in June 1998 at a little apartment party. I was only seventeen, but out of high school and sharing an…
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Poetry for Beautiful Losers

Recipe/Ransom Note, by Julia Horwitz

window closed its lips and you walked in (silence, dust, powdered sugar, cinnamon, tbsp. of warm milk) brand new freckle push-pinned into my neck Suddenly, I could fall asleep in the back seat feel clean just by licking each of your fingers I swore I’d never need to read another menu I’ll have the regular,…
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The Rawest Shit You Ever Did Eat, by Ben John Smith

Like boxers Who like hugs. Bears in trash cans, finding a cheeseburger. A feast The end of ink in a pen A bricklayer laying 500 bricks a day For 60 cents a brick A woman saving straws wrapped in paper For her grand kids. Kids drowned in bathtubs. A cotton ball in a wet sink.…
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Witch trials

Moonlight, by J. Newell

May 1, 1632 I undid the tie on my bonnet, skipping through yellow reeds long enough to tickle my chin. There was a cool breeze in the air, promises of fall, that lifted tresses of my brown, waved hair. My mother had never let me cut it, so it fell near to my waist. The…
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A poem by J.J. Campbell called Heavy Breathing

Heavy Breathing, by J.J. Campbell

the phone rang just as i started to masturbate this afternoon the guy trying to get me to switch my long distance didn’t appreciate all the heavy breathing i didn’t exactly care for his high pitch southern drawl either

Trash, by Kelly Grieve

He’s loving and he cares So much. How does he care One second like that and then Snap he’s out He’s created a love inside Himself that I have no part of I’m a teddy bear, soulless and Crammed full of fluff Snoring away at my shoulder My meaning diminishes Second by Second You were…
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The Upsell Artist, By Frank Mundo

I read somewhere once that, on average, a man thinks about sex every seven seconds. That means, in the sixty seconds it took me to pay her, I thought about it at least eight times. Once was the white blob of mayonnaise on her green polo shirt, just beneath her name tag. Another was the…
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Glaciers, By Cassandra Cervi

(an experimental poem: drawn from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-5, and Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants) All this happened, more or less. The Lord rained brimstone and fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah. Only stones remained. Like the moon. The line of hills, they were white in the sun. Like white elephants. The country was brown and dry…
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The Red Lemon, by Elizabeth Cunningham

You’re finally awake. Black mold adorns the edges of your worn shoes. Hardened intestines litter the damp cement floor. There’s a pale hand next to you, with its fingers still curled around a light yellow eyeball. Your mind is still wondering if this is a nightmare. Soon, a realization sets in and you look down.…
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