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Featured Visual Artist

Every quarterly release of Beautiful Losers Magazine features original artwork from an indie visual artist.

If you’re an artist and would like to be featured, please reach out to us at to the attention of our Art Director, with a short bio and your thoughts on Why you would be a great featured artist. Please do not send any artwork via email unless requested so by our staff.


Fabrizio Fontana

(Featured in Beautiful Losers Magazine #1)

Fabrizio Fontana is an italian artist who creates beautiful, very eclectic pop/dada flavored art.

Despite the incessant and almost obsessive reference to the game, the art of Fontana is not that playful, and the ludic part of his works is often limited to its formal aspect.

Of course, Fontana “plays”. Borrowing from his childhood comics and cartoons characters in pieces such as “Goodbye Kitty” and “Mangia Libri di Cibernetica”. Playfully profaning sacred icons, statues and figurines of saints in others such as in “Fred & Niko”. Alluding to famous works of art or artists such as in “G15”, or quoting songs and anagramming product brands such as in “RedInk”.

Often using puns, toys and colourful plastic. But the real operation accomplished by the artist is to meticulously and expertly amalgamate all these ingredients. Then with the help of rough woods, glossy resins, transparent plexiglas and even light, to turn them into his singular language objectively speaking of loneliness, monotony, war, consumerism, alienation and death. The result is impressive and diverse. An eclectic and incredibly enjoyable artistic production. The works range from prints to paintings, from ready made to shadow boxes, from sculptures to installations. In his art the game called “jioko” by Fontana is always the protagonist. A stratagem to allow the artist to highlight that unfortunately nowadays, there is very little to joke about.


2017, ‘THE NATURE OF MY GAME’ Curated by Nico Carone, MostArt Centre, London, (UK)
2017, ‘PROBABILMENTE DIO E’ UNA DONNA’ Curated by Noemi Pittaluga, Galleria Gallerati, Roma, (IT)
2017, ‘WAR IS NEVER THE SOLUTION’ (+ S.Masciullo) Curated by Giovanni Matteo, Cutrofiano, (IT)
2016, ‘G16 (PUNTATA ZERO)’ Curated by  Gigi Rigliaco, P.Art, Palazzo della Cultura, Galatina LE, (IT)
2015, ‘DAMIANO & Co Ltd.’ – Fridartcafé, Ostuni BR, (IT)
2014, ‘FONTANAF, IO, TE E PUCCIA’ – Art and Ars Gallery, Galatina LE (IT)
2014, ‘TETRIS’ – Spazio Purgatorio, Ostuni BR (IT)
2014, ‘JIOKI LOSCHI’ (+ P.Loschi) – Dacia Gallery, New York City (USA)
2014, ‘JIOKI LOSCHI Preview’ (+ P.Loschi) – Art and Ars Gallery, Galatina LE (IT)
2014, ‘IL FAUT JOUER POUR DEVENIR SÉRIEUX’ – MonteolivetoGallery, Nice (FR)
2014, ‘FACCIO LA MIA MINCHIA A PEZZI E LA VENDO ALL’ASTA’ (feat M. Manieri) – Fondo Verri, Lecce (IT)
2010, ‘CHE IL JIOKO SIA CON TE’ – Officine Cantelmo, Lecce (IT)
2009, ‘RED-INK’ – Art and Ars Gallery, Galatina LE (IT)
2008, ‘IL PAESE DEI BALOCCHI’ – Galleria Gallerati, Roma (IT)
2008, ‘JIOKONDE IN SCHLAFANZUG VS ECO-INVADERS’ – Galleria Kud Laterna, Cromali (SLO)
2008, ‘NE LJUBIJO VSI JIOKONDE, AMPAK VSI BI JO RADI IMELI’ – Palazzo Kongresni, Ljubljana (SLO)
2007, ‘JIOKA COME PUOI’ – Palazzo Micheli, Galatina LE (IT)
2006, ‘LES JEUX SONT FAITS’ – libreria Kube, Gallipoli LE (IT)
2006, ‘D’OPPIO JIOKO’, Raggio Verde, Lecce (IT)
2000, ‘GENTE COMUNE CON UN CERCHIO ALLA TESTA’ – libreria Camera A Sud, Brindisi (IT)
1994, ‘DISORDINE SOCIALE ORGANIZZATO’ – Arcinova, San Pietro Vernotico BR (IT)

Previously featured artist


Federica Frati

(Featured in Beautiful Losers Magazine #0)

federicaWas born in Brescia in 1977. She graduated from the art school “Foppa” where she learned the main artistic techniques. After two years attending the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, she graduated in Art at the University of Milan. Since 2009 Federica creates engraving prints at the Luciano Pea laboratory.

Since 2010 and parallel to the engraving works, the artist produced paintings following models and techniques of medieval painting: the synthesis and the solemnity of some frescoes, the non-descriptive urgency, the glimmers of gold, and “verdaccio” backgrounds, mark the pictorial production of Federica. The sign becomes prevalent and predominant in her paintings as in her prints, so often that the paintings and engraving prints were exhibited together.

  • October 2010: “e la porta fu chiusa” – UCAI gallery, San Zenone all’Arco, Brescia, Italy
  • April 2012: “Segmenti” – Mimesis gallery, Calvisano, Brescia, Italy
  • September 2012: group show “IM-ESPRESSIONI”- Soncino Press Museum, Cremona, Italy
  • October 2012: group show “Civiltà Contadina”, a tribute to Luciano Cottini – church of Santa Maria della Rosa, Calvisano, Brescia, Italy
  • June 2013: third place at Lidia Anita Petroni competition with the work “Mother and son”
  • August 2013: group show at Biennale di Soncino, a Marco – fortress of Soncino, Cremona, Italy
  • February 2014: group show “La memoria del corpo” – Spazio Duina, Paitone Area, Brescia, Italy
  • April 2015: first place at the XXXVII edition of the award Matteo Olivero, painting section, Saluzzo, Cuneo, Italy
  • April 2015: second place at the XXXVII edition of the award Matteo Olivero, graphics section, Saluzzo, Cuneo, Italy
  • February 2016: “Giro di stella, gli incisori di Pachiderma studio” – Spazio arte Duina- Cascina Balocchi, Lonato, Brescia, Italy
  • April 2016: solo show  “Impuri”- Fondazione Amleto Bretoni, Saluzzo Arte, Saluzzo, Cuneo, Italy
  • July 2016: “Oggettività- Soggettività”, group show curated by Maria Novella Gennari – associazione culturale Il Movente, Brescia, Italy

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