Mr. Sip Temptation, by W.A Coleman

Look at You.
You sly you.
You naughty you.Go ahead.
Do it.
Make it easier than easy on me.
Bring it right to my mouth.
Set it on my lip.
Tempt me
Tempt my cottonmouth.
With all my favorites.
With all your favorites.
Jus like ya used ta do.

You know.
Back before.
I knew.Give me somethin.
Somethin you know your baby sissy can’t refuse.
Like the Tea. Unsweet. Ridin the brim. Ice cubes ta slivers. Dirty water weak.
Just the way you know I like.

Be that beautiful sick you.
Serve me.
Pour it in me.
Nurse my sip.
Give it to me
Give me
What you need.

Look at you, bein you
Bein that beautiful sick you.
Bein that lazy eyed lust boy you.
That mouthin mimic.

And look at me
And my heart shaped eyes
starin right at you.
In love with you
More than a sister should
My face in the cup.
My air mask breathin.
Doin this all for you.
I’ll do it again.
I’ll keep doin it

Don’t pull it away.
Not yet.
I ain’t little no more.
Keep it on my lips
I know what you want.
Keep that tilt. Keep the pour flowin.
I know what you like.
I can do it.
I can get it all down.
Let me grit.
Let me chug.
Let me kill it in front a you.

Am I your queen?
You give me that look sometime.
Or am i jus your sexy, watermelon belly?

Listen to you,
You heart racer you.
You can barely even handle a subtle stir
when my tummy’s all full.
I can hear your gaspins
When my beverage belly goes a sloshin.

I love the feel of your hands.
The way you crawl em down on me. Slowly. Patiently.
Movin under them covers.
Ta my waterlogged belly.
And then further down
Ta my bladder swell
Your gentle kneadin.
Your desperate want, for what’s in there ta come out.
Your anzy in that gentle.
Me tryin hard ta be your make believer sleeper

I never know for sure.
How long I should wait?
How long I should hold it?
I wonder how long it used to take.
You know back in the day.
Back when I first stopped given it.
Back when I first grew out of it.
Back when you had ta find a way
ta get it back.
When you had ta find a way ta take it.

Back in the days when my sleep was real.
The days before I knew,
Before my wake..

Should I wait till i cant wait no more?
Or should I wait till you can’t wait no more?

Let me.
Let me relax.
Let me release.
Let me think you took it, when I really gave it.

My warm piss trickle.
The scent. That scent.
That piss twang that ignites your sick.
You. You heart racer you.
You humminbird you.
You lust tweaker.

You’re legs.
Legs a quiver.
Your hand in your undies. Jackin it spastic.
Your other hand feeling me. Touching me.
Molesting me.
Touch me more.
Touch me harder. Please.
Your eyes shut tight. An invitation ta my witness.
My witness to it all.
To your hot sick.
I love you.
Your lips pursed but perfect.
Your moans, muffled but heard.
Always heard.
You, Mr concrete man a cometh.
The full body hard. The full body rigid.
Your cumming.
Your body bridge. Abbreviated for me. For my “slumbers” sake.
Please let me wake.
Please let me touch you.
I can make it better.
I can make it better.
And then
In heavy breath.
Lying there.
For regrets impact.
Your sit up and turn around.
The guilt stinging.
You looking back at me.
My squinting peek.
You’re over the shoulder gloomy smolder.
You’re quickness to cover me.
Your turn around.
Your ponder.
Your guilt.
I feel it.
Can I wake?
Can I tell you I love you?
And then.
Your gaze.
At me.
Back at me.
Back at my counterfeit slumber.
At least she’s asleep. At least she’s asleep.

* * *
Did I tell you.
When I was younger
I used to dream
Of cumming
Was that you?

You thirsty, sis?
Yeah. I’m always thirsty for you.

Oh, look at this.
Look at you.
Mr. Sip temptation at his best.
Dark Cola on the rocks
The ice melt settle.
That fizzy that sissy cant resist.
My guzzles.
My watermelon belly.
Our settle down. Our  innocent snuggle.
My “doze off”
And you.
You sick beautiful you.

My peek.
Your wad and huff of my wet panties.
I felt you take em off, you know.
Your taste of my wet panties.
I felt your kisses too, you know.
Do I smell good?
Do I taste good?

I feel so sexy when I watch your sick
You make me feel like a drug when I watch your sick.
Am I your fix?
Do you need me?
It makes me feel so pretty. So beautiful.
Does that make me sick, too?

* * *
I’m only old enough ta ride
But you’re old enough ta drive now.
Put me in that car.
That red one over there.
And take me somewhere.
Away from here.
Because my home
Has always been
Wherever you hold me.

Do you remember?
You young.
Me even younger.
My night jitters.
Your let.
My sog.
And them piss scars.
The ones that set your taste.

Our arms, tied around each other in the knots.
Me swallowed in your bliss.
And askin the lord if I could die before I wake.
And then.
Almost always
Almost every time.
Too many times.
My wake.
Ta the wetness. To the sog.
Wet on the bed. Wet on me. Wet on you.
My shame cry.
You, jus the little boy you.
Your pat on the back “be alright’s.”
A towel down. A slip off of our damp pants.
Back inta our tangle.
Cool damp skins warmin up ta warm.
Your warmth. Your smell. Your heartbeat. My favorite song.
Our molds.
Your mold.
Brewin in my brew.
Them cold nights turnin ta warm nights.
Them bad night turnin ta good nights.

Me. You. Us.
The way it’s always been..
Us against that hand we was dealt.
Okie summers.
Them day hot nights
The locust choir.
The Zingo. You and me front row like always. You and your roller coaster, swirly tummy spew.
The up chuck rain shower towards the back. The screamin horror behind us.
Me laughin.
You pukin and laughin.

Just us two. Siblins of the state.
The Gypsie duo. Mommy and daddy jus them ghosts in our hearts.
Us. Each other’s everything
Us. Each other’s only thing.
Us gettin older. Times a runnin out.
The cute rubbin off.
The foster parent shuffle.
Us a hard sell.
Group housing stints a constant.
Me. A sneak down the hall.
A crawl inta your bed.
A fall inta your tangle.
A drown inta your tangle.
And the feel of that lonely cold kiddy pound dyin all around me.
All around us.
That place, that horrible place that broke spirits.
That crushed souls.
That place that could break me.
That place that could break you.
But that place that could never break us.
Could never break us.

And in the wake.
And in the wet.
And in that scent.
That piss simmer.
My wake ya up confessions.
Your sleepy, slow eye open.
Your little boy slow ta form groggy smile.
Your I don’t care’s.
Your pull in. Your hold me tighter.
Your love for me. Your love for the piss soaked me.
My shame dying through you.
Your love for me real.

And your taste aquirin.

Look at you.
You tremblin you.
You big ol’ saucer eye’d you.
And look at me.
All lookin down at you.
All cocky like.
My devil’s grin.
My dominance straddled
Atop you.
Your shock. Your fear.
My hot. My heart race.
My wake.

Ah,…what’s the matter there Mr. Sipper?
You big bad tempter,
don’t wanna taste me none with your eyes open?
I ain’t little no more
You ain’t neither.
Your panicked you.
Your shocked you.
You heart racer you
Listen ta that.
My teasin whisper
My stealthy bounces atop ya.
You, frozen in the listen
Listen and hearin my watermelon belly.
My full tummy slosh.
Your gasp.
My flavor call out.
It’s the pink lemonade brew.
I guzzled er down earlier, jus for you.
You the goosebump boy you.
Me, ridin and grindin ya.
The bare bottom me
My ruthless tease.
You in them tight whitey’s that can barely contain it.
I touch you.
For the first time
I rub you, outside your underwear.
You moan
And I release my give.
A faucet constant flow.
Atop your stomach and chest
Makin puddle.
Your gasp. Your sick. Your hot.
My delight. My golden give.
And you, you piss air whiffer you.
You  full body quiverer you.
My gasp against your hot.
And your overload
Your morph.
Your snap
Your reversal.
Atop me.
Drippin my piss on me.
Your tighty whitey pull down
Your rough enter.
My instant pain.
Your merciless fuck.
My hurtin moans’
My first time
Your first time.
And your insanity.
Your ecstasy.
And my pain
And my pain
And then,
My warm hot flush.
My full body tingle
My full body tinglin.
And that…
Brutal piss ache.
That monster piss ache.
That piss ache like no other.
I gotta pee…
Me saying it out loud.
I gotta pee! I gotta pee!..I gotta pee!
Me yelling it. Me screaming it.
And then
My release.
My trickless release
My piss less release.
My  cumming release.
My cumming.
My scream.
My shake.
My tremble.
Like my dreams.
I love you.

And you. Your cumming
Your yelling.
Your collapse.
Atop me.

And then us.
Lying there.
Like lovers.
Our runners breath.
We fall asleep.
Oh god, may I die before I wake?

Look at you.
Your shaking and you don’t need to.
I do.
You don’t
You. On me
Me in the shower naked.
You outside the shower clothed and getting soaked.
Your suds me up frenzy.
Your guilty  O.D
Layin down layers of that lathery, snow white suds on ta me
Your bloodshot glassy eyes
Your scrubbin. Its rough.
It’s too hard. Your hurting me.
I’m sorry..I’m so sorry…I’m sorry for everything.
Your breakdown.
Your shaking.
Your tear streamin.
Your continued light scrubbing.

Stop, look at me.
Your head shake.
Look at me.
Look at me,…. please!
I can’t.
Me grabbin your head. Pointin them soggy eyes on me.
My smile at you.
My love for you.
My tears too.
Can’t you feel it?
Your sorrowful look at me.
Can’t you feel my wantin?
Your lip wiggle and shameful head bow.
Me grabbin your head, and puttin your wonderin see back on ta me.
You lookin at me, your baby boy gloom, your guilt.
I grab your hands. I put em on me.
And they shake.
And they tremble.
I’m awake. I’ve been awake.
This makes you cry harder.
And then I kiss you.
And you kiss me back.
So passionately. So sadly.
We embrace. My body giving you my suds.
That smokey, warm water
still flowin outta the shower head.
You whisper. In my ear
I’m sorry.
I whisper back
No more sorries
You whisper again in my ear.
I’m sick
I whisper back
Infect me.

W.A Coleman’s work has been featured in The Evergreen Review, Los Angeles Review, Houston Literary, Thrice Fiction, Typehouse Magazine and many more. His first collection was published in 2014.

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