Our first issue is out.

When we set out to create Beautiful Losers, we didn’t know exactly what was happening – as with many great things, the beginning was humble.

One year from our first piece published on our Medium channel, we look back, and we love what we see. We have two incredible issues of our magazines, Issue Zero and Issue One; we launched and completed a great contest, with so many incredible submissions (thank you!) and with some great literature to showcase – a contest that also allowed us to bring new team members on board.

This marks the beginning of our new objective; to create a community around literature, poetry, and art in general. To do so, we’ll be closing down our Medium channel, and will publish rolling content directly here on our website.

We’ll publish new artists every Wednesday – and if you think you have what it takes, read our submission guidelines.

We’ll also re-publish all the artists that we’ve previously published on our Medium channel, as our personal throwback Tuesday.

But also, we’ll start publishing non-fiction pieces, both from our editors and from other artists – may it be a blog piece on post-modern literature or an interview to an upcoming artist or a review of a great book, you’ll find it here, on our Journal.

But a community is nothing without its members. So please, read our stories, feel our poems; be involved. Leave a comment, write us an email. If you need a stage for your beautiful mind, we’re that stage. If you need help completing that poem, that novel, we want to hear from you. We want to be the place where all the artists and art-minded people gather, a modern, virtual version of a Literary Cafe’ of times past.

So please – do leave a comment after this post. Let us know what you want to see; let us know what’s wrong with the art industry.

Together, we can do something. Together, we can change it. Together, we’re beautiful;

We’re beautiful losers.

With love,
the Editors.

6 thoughts on “Our first issue is out.

  1. I was able to see your featured posts, but when I clicked on “read us now,” it would not launch…or was taking a long time. My computer is brand new. So just wanted to let you know in case it is a glitch on your end. I will try again later.

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