Poetic Thoughts of a Rebel, by Shawn Hudson [Poetic Thoughts #6]

After a brief hiatus I am back with another edition of Poetic Thoughts. I want to give you all a little insight into the making of my latest project “Poetic Thoughts of a Rebel” and what it’s about. You see I’m an author and poet along with being a contributor for Beautiful Losers Magazine. I’m the author of five books, four are known as “By Any Means” series and last year was my debut in the creative world of poetry.  The title of my poetic debut was “Poetic Thoughts of a Young Black Genius”, which was a collection of poetry from my senior year in high school all the way through my college years.

Earlier this year I met with my illustrator David Robles and we talked about doing a re-issue of my poetry collection. I agreed in order to deliver the product that my readers deserved. I felt that I had to redeem myself due to lack of proper editing, the blurry and ordinary cover art, and more importantly I needed to trim the fat and eliminate the poems that I felt were expendable.

I then recruited my good friend Nina Crespo to handle the editing. She was brought aboard after critiquing and pinpointing the chinks in my armor. I’m not going to lie when I got her and David both locked in on this project I felt like I was on a championship team at that point.  I must mention that she worked her ass off and edited the entire book in one day, which is impressive – especially for somebody that never edited a book before.

David Robles did his thing when he created every piece of artwork in this book. We put together three illustrations for three poems that we felt were very essential to the theme of the book.

The front cover of the book is a reflection of where I see America in this current day and time. I can’t give you guys all of the details, but I will say that this book will highlight the highs and lows of my life and career as not just a poet and author, but as a young man, a young BLACK man in America. I hope you all enjoy, but more importantly take something away from it and allow it to spark the urgency to change the world for the better.

You can pick up Shawn Hudson’s Poetic Thoughts of a Rebel by clicking here.

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