Paolo Loschi

Paolo Loschi was born in Treviso in 1966. His versatile personality stood out very early in his artistic career because of his passionate creativity and his unconventional vision. He attended a Music School during his youth years and later changed his course of studies to entirely devote himself to visual art. This how he got to know a number of painters and graphic artists of the area of Treviso and Venice. His particular sensitivity to music and sounds, however, is a major ingredient of the lyrical and gestural character of his pictorial language, which had him defined as “a painter with a good ear”.

He reached his audience very quickly thanks to his incisive and analytical sign, at times sarcastic and introspective, always able to explore and bring out the intimacy of his subjects and to push figurative expression to its extremes. Since 1996, he has been featured in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Italy, Europe and the United States. He mostly works with art galleries in Rome, Milan, New York (USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Berlin (Germany).

Between 2001 and 2002, he has worked in Seville, Spain, on a project that gave him a chance to collaborate with a few major Spanish artists. The expressive contamination and the extraordinary light of Southern Spain were essential elements in the chromatic maturation of his style.

Since 2014, Paolo began a fruitful collaboration with artist Fabrizio Fontana of Salento, Apulia. From the perfect fusion of their styles derived a symbolic, ironic and desecrating third artist, who gave life to the series of works named Jioki Loschi.

Paolo Loschi is a tireless experimenter prone to artistic contamination between different languages. A few series of his works have inspired and have been featured in the scenery of major theatrical plays.

He has designed the covers of Massimo Bassan CD albums, the book cover of a novel and the illustration of the famous musical book The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns.

He currently lives and works in Giavera del Montello, Treviso, where he retired several years ago to accommodate his need to live in close contact with nature.


2017 LIGNUM HERO EST – Action painting with Fabrizio Fontana. Ostuni, Italy
2015 AAF – Art & Ars Gallery – Amsterdam – The Netherlands
2015 TARAB – Gruppo Petit Prince – Ravello, Italy
2015 IN NOMINE SANCTI -The Others – Art & Ars Gallery – Torino, Italy
2015 ANGEL OF THE EARTH – Orizzonti Arte contemporanea – Ostuni, Italy
2015 SET UP – Art Fair – Art & Ars Gallery – Bologna, Italy
2015 IN NOMINE SANCTI – Art & Ars Gallery, AAF- Milano , Italy
2014 JIOKI LOSCHI – Art & Ars Gallery – NY, USA
2014 JIOKI LOSCHI – Art & Ars Gallery – Galatina, Italy
2013 TELL-LINE – Caronte Spazio espositivo. Treviso, Italy
2013 TELL-LINE – Villa Wassermann – Giavera del Montello, Italy
2013 The Hiding Places Are (utterly) Empty – Gallery Molly Krom, NY, USA
2012 BABEL – Magazzeno delle lane c/o Lanificio Paoletti. Follina, Italy
2012 NewYorkers Polaroids – Centro culturale Musikrooms. Trevis, Italy
2012 AAF – Affordable Art Fair Milano – Vagabond Gallery NY, Milano, Italy
2012 AAF – Affordable Art Fair Milano – Per Capita Gallery, Milano, Italy
2012 Annual Exibition – Per Capita Gallery, Villa le Maschere, B. del Mugello, Italy
2011 Friend is four letter word – Vagabond Schmarotzer Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2011 AAF – Affordable Art Fair Milano – Vagabond Gallery NY, Milano, Italy
2011 AAF – Affordable Art Fair Milano – PerCapita Gallery, Milano, Italy
2011 Arezzo Arte Fiera – Per Capita Gallery, Arezzo, Italy
2011 Annual Exibition – Per Capita Gallery, Pisa,Italy
2010 South Africa Meets The World – Galleria Forme d’Arte, Venezia, Italy
2010 AAF – Affordable Art Fair in New York, Muriel Guepin Gallery, NY, USA
2010 Tales from The Thousand and Second Night – Vagabond Schmarotzer Gallery, NY,USA
2010 Vanity Face – Spazio Spinazzè, S.Donà di Piave, Venezia, Italy
2010 Face/art, portraits in the age of facebook – Studio Iroko & Tortona Creativity, Milano, Italy
2009 Merry Christmas – Galleria Browning, Asolo,Treviso, Italy
2009 COLORS Notebook – Fabrica, Lisbona,Portugal
2009 Shop Art – Muriel Guepin Gallery, NY, USA
2009 Hot Art-Cold Drinks – Vagabond Schmarotzer Gallery, NY, USA
2009 Amsterdam Art Fair – Vagabond Schmarotzer Gallery, Amsterdam, NZ
2009 Verger Art Fair – Vagabond Schmarotzer Gallery, MiamiBeach, USA
2009 Edilizi@ – Galleria Polin, Treviso, Italy
2009 NewYorkers Polaroids – Spazio Bevacqua Panigai, Treviso, Italy
2008 Angel de Tierra – Colarte Gallery – Santander, Spain
2008 Italia Circa – Da San Remo a New York – Marzia Frozen, San Remo, Italy
2007 Italian Dreamz – Silvia’s House, Brooklyn, NY, Usa
2007 Colonizacija Jaica – residenza patrocinata UNESCO, Sarajevo, Bosnia E.
2007 Colonizacija Jaica – Galleria “IPC”, Sarajevo, Bosnia E.


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