Lee Ellis


Featured in Fat City Review, Voice From the Nimbus and various other journals, Lee Ellis is former editor and correspondent at Buzz and Howl Magazine. Bronx born and raised, Ellis is a New York based poet currently living in New Haven, Connecticut. They’ve performed at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Yale
University, Lehman College and other spaces in New York City.

Richard Gibney


“The story that cheerfully breaks the rules and gets away with it.”
“Thanks to the skill of this storyteller—who concocts a delicious blend of mystery and history—we are blown away by the premise and the structure. A delight to read from beginning to end.”
“One of the best opening lines I’ve read.”
“Brilliant comic timing!”
Dialogue that shows “remarkable command over the spoken word.”
“… a light touch to leave the reader both pensive and thoroughly entertained.”
People who should know better have said these things about the work of Dublin-based writer Richard Gibney, who compiled these quotes for this bio all by hisself. Also an editor, he’s keen to work with fellow creatives in this area, rather than the mind-numbing assembly-line stuff he often has to otherwise churn out. He’s currently seeking an agent for his work, and he hopes to publish a short story collection, Fade to Black, in the near future. Read his blog (which he disavows for the most part) on Ragtag giggagon!


Annie Bao


Painter/artist and writer based in Manhattan. Former political editor at Xinhua News Agency. Translator and editor of two Chinese non-fiction books: “Dialogues Between Nations”, and “Product Development Platform: The Foundation for True Innovation”. Annie is currently working on a book about borderline personality disorder and has a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University.

Nico Carone

Art Director

Digital and media guru, artist and art lover, animator, filmmaker, musician and singer (rock music addicted), fine cook (Italian and more), street-smart traveler.


Kelly Grieve


Coattail surfing Xennial, Kelly is a pipe-dreamin’ recovering nagging parent and frumpy wife desperately trying to define herself as otherwise. She has a history of back rubbing, over-analyzing and defiling the image of well respected words and communities with her pesky opinions.

Elizabeth Cunningham


Elizabeth Cunningham was born in Chicago and raised between Northern Illinois and the Tampa Bay region of Florida. A drifter at heart, she writes characters who frequently find themselves on the move. The bulk of her literary work weaves mythical creatures with dark, urban fantasy backdrops.

Shawn Hudson


Shawn is a young black man from the Bronx who has a deep and heated passion for writing. He feels that as both a young person of color and a creative that it’s his job to use his voice to make a difference in this world.

Austin Wiggins


Writer and occasional philosopher. Runs the literature blog Writings By Ender, and recently published the short story collection Bonds that Bind.

Alfonso Colasuonno


Fiction, poetry, screenwriting, acting, filmmaking, activism. Co-founder of MyCareerHacker, a résumé writing and career services solutions center. Possible man of mystery.


Lauren Rubin


Lauren is a Siberian black bear who served in WWI and WWII. A devout follower of our lord and savior Dolly Parton, she strives to be joyful and irreverent in all life pursuits. She thinks writing is pretty cool, but prefers alchemy, needlepoint, and calisthenics.