Richard Gibney


“The story that cheerfully breaks the rules and gets away with it.”
“Thanks to the skill of this storyteller—who concocts a delicious blend of mystery and history—we are blown away by the premise and the structure. A delight to read from beginning to end.”
“One of the best opening lines I’ve read.”
“Brilliant comic timing!”
Dialogue that shows “remarkable command over the spoken word.”
“… a light touch to leave the reader both pensive and thoroughly entertained.”
People who should know better have said these things about the work of Dublin-based writer Richard Gibney, who compiled these quotes for this bio all by hisself. Also an editor, he’s keen to work with fellow creatives in this area, rather than the mind-numbing assembly-line stuff he often has to otherwise churn out. He’s currently seeking an agent for his work, and he hopes to publish a short story collection, Fade to Black, in the near future. Read his blog (which he disavows for the most part) on Ragtag giggagon!


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