Submissions suck.

Yeah, you read that right. Submissions suck.

Wait, aren’t you a literary magazine of sorts?

Yes. Yes we are, and we’re also writers.

So wait, how the hell are you going to publish anything if people can’t submit?

The world is full of talented people. We’ve tried the old ways – basically sitting on a pile of all-the-same-emails, looking for that diamond in the rough. Hey, don’t get us wrong – we’ve met some incredible people out there. But the thing is, there’s only so much time. And we tried a lot of things to skim out bad submissions, but since we were committed to read everything, the time to actually work with talented people was wasted away.

Oh, were the submissions that bad?

Kinda. Some of them were bad, some of them were standard submissions – we feel the pain of the artists that want to get their name out there, and there’s so many places to send your art to, that eventually it becomes an automated process. You see a magazine, you submit. That’s not what we wanted.

So what is that you want?

We want to work with amazing artists, and to do so, we need time. We have a good history of finding and nurturing great talents, and we’ll want to keep doing this. So from now on, classic magazine-like submissions are closed. This will give us more time to work with the artists we find and like.

And how are you going to find artists?

The same way you found this website. The world is our oyster, my good friend. Maybe we’ll bump into a poet on a Friday night drink binge. Maybe we’ll discover a great opinion on a 4chan post. Maybe people can still signal great artists and content to us. After all, we do read the emails. So enjoy the new website – it’s carefully curated only with artists we love deeply. There’s going to be original content from our staff, content from people our staff found around and loved, content from artists we’ve cherry-picked and contacted directly, and “Our browsing history” – a section with links to whatever we fancy and think it’s good to share with our community.

And what’s the purpose of all that?

You know when you meet a friend and he tells you, You should listen to this band, and you do, and they rock?


That’s it. We want people to come here to find new things they’ll love – because they know that if we recommend it, it’s going to be cool. The website will have an ongoing flow of content; the magazine will have only the best of the best. People can come here and interact, comment, and even vote for art/written pieces to be eventually published in the magazine.

Welcome to your new friend. Welcome to Beautiful Losers.

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