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Mr. Sip Temptation, by W.A Coleman

Look at You. You sly you. You naughty you.Go ahead. Do it. Make it easier than easy on me. Bring it right to my mouth. Set it on my lip. Tempt me Tempt my cottonmouth. With all my favorites. With all your favorites. Jus like ya used ta do. You know. Back before. I knew.Give […]

Fish Out of Water, by Michael Giorgio

I never thought the next time I’d be at the lake with Dad that he would be dead for two weeks at the time. Was my father angry with me for canceling out on him a couple of times after promising to go fishing with him? Is that why the summons from Mr. Dowling, the […]

Rezanoff Drive, by Glenn Nelson

I can no longer remember certain things about the past. Faces dissolve…. A gentle touch… gone… like a candle blown out by the wind. There are still shapes in the fog…. A sort of lingering form in the darkness. I can still remember the disjointed rattling of the el train as it passes by my […]

Short fiction

All of Saint Peter’s Associates, by Jihoon Park

Saint Peter sat at his desk, doing figures. Stacks of papers were strewn across his desk as he typed away on a small desktop computer. The only other object on his desk was a small, incandescent and insufficient lamp. At first he was against the idea of going digital. He had used ink on honest-to-god […]

Hall of Reptiles, By Fred D. White

Chester raked a pocket comb through his son’s hair near the entrance to the Hall of Reptiles. “Your mop never stays in place, just like the rest of you, Murph.” He tilted the boy’s head with both hands to inspect the combing. “I suppose that hee-haw step-daddy of yours don’t teach you much about appearance.” […]

Barney, by David E.J. Berger

(every Tuesday, we’ll be republishing here on our website a piece of literature which we previously published on our Medium Channel, and that our readers loved. This week is a great short fiction piece by David EJ Berger – bio at the end.)   Hold on to your whiskers, folks, because today is the day. That’s […]

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