The N Word Poem, by Shawn Hudson

Introduction by the author: I’m Shawn Hudson, a young Black man in America that writes poetry and stories that are a reflection of the life and times. When writing The N Word Poem I wanted to express how I feel that we as African-Americans need to focus on the big picture and not get caught up in petty things a like a word, rather than focus on annihilating the root and cause of it.

         You say that I betray my ancestors when I use the word nigga but the NAACP never comes to my hood to see me instead all they do is lecture me about all of their accomplishments after slavery,

          You say that the word needs to be banned when racism is the root of all evil,

          You’re stuck on a word that’s over 400 years old and that’s never going anywhere and I don’t see anyone complaining when old folks utter the word,

          It’s a shame that we’re so eager to clean our own backyard just to get crumbs of the white piece of the pie as we sit back and watch our own kind perish and die,

          Some say that the word is poison and no matter how we try to shape it, it’s still poison but we used the poison from our oppressors and neutralized its horrible meaning and threw it back at them,

          Nigger is the lowest common denominator of society and ignorant as well, but today I say we’re never ignorant we’re just too busy getting our goals accomplished that the previous generations failed to do,

          Niggers is the ones with nooses around their necks, niggas is the ones wearing chains around their necks so you can debate about our use of the word yet I don’t see any of our so-called black leaders being proactive as they’re still dead set on focusing on a single word,

          It’s sad how the civil rights generation downs the hip-hop generation when they’re damn near one in the same we have different messages but the same goal and that’s to be heard as we don’t want to be like sheep and just follow the herd…

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