The Number Five, by Delaney Daly

Syria and the Middle East refugees in poetry

Chalkida is broken in the fall &
its vivid cliff side colors
can’t save me anymore

home base is 50 minutes south,
but home is 5,000 miles west

a 5-year-old girl loves my grey eyes
her Arabic words fill them with blue
from the Black Sea
she only swam here

he doesn’t call anymore
she’s 25, leggy, &
emotionally distant
& so, he loves her

while I love the girl who swam
from injustice & war
the civil kind &
just my smile is enough,
but my words can’t save him anymore
& already month 5 has come to pass


Delaney Daly is a senior English Literature major at the University of Central Florida. When she is not writing or reading, she spends her days traveling and getting distracted by cute animals. She is currently writing a screenplay.

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