the other he binds my arms, by Gary Lundy

the other he binds my arms above my head. legs slightly
spread bound as well. the purity of white cotton rope. mouth
gagged eyes covered heightened sense of hearing. as well
as smell and touch. nod yes if this remains all right. up and

nice meeting you like this. are there others in the room. an
other. the heat keeps beads of sweat. scrape a first layer of
skin. dust the wooden floor. no. i agree. it’s never only about
enough pain degradation. no time for sleep walking.

nod yes that’s a good idea. to begin with. never end a
declaration with a weakening proposition. i remain always at
your mercy. intimacy is too difficult. to expose the inside
dangerous. hurt me. make my skin bleed. mark on this
makeshift exposure.

pull against the white cotton rope. seminary evaporation
strain. cut small pieces. glue to alternate universes. nod yes.
struggle to hear the others voices. feel sharp steel nail pain.
slice curl.

this new work its own outside reality. nod yes. stripes
dispersed along the back and legs. brief bright red. then
maroon. strike deliberate leather straps. make the mind
forget. carry the body toward a final failure to return.

smell sweat musk hair stomach genitalia. drool drop
pretense. make thoughts outdated. extinct. breathe short
choppy struggle. abandon imagination expectation. bleed
each instant wholly. nod yes. privacy secretes the three.
nod. yes. it is that difficult. to let one love.

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